Very young workshop created a unique idea to fill the gap in the crowded fashion market of today. Too much production - lack of individuality. The need to adapt the wardrobe woman and not vice versa. From desire to point out that in every single one of us to feel special and to listen to our needs.
We produce unique wardrobe that, each piece individually, breathes with originality and complete authenticity. The materials from which we produce are carefully collected from all over the world and each of them carefully designed as purposeful as it can. Sometimes the material itself speaks more than a model, sometimes a combination of several seemingly incompatible fabric that what makes a particular piece of clothing special, and sometimes the cut is placed in the spot light.
What models of these small craft workshop stands out from others is, above all is the inability to anywhere in the world find that same piece and particular attention being paid to the development of each of them. Hand tailored, carefully assembled, sewn top quality custom-fit machines and then decorated by hand and processed and these models are actually produced only for those who appreciate their own personality and appearance, and believing every piece of clothing in your closet with its preciousness upgrading themselves.
This is not the wardrobe for "special occasions" but only for every day, because every day is a special occasion in the life of each of us!